Eco Performance

The Sustainable Way starts with the selection of raw materials. As part of our strategy, we are increasing the use of raw materials from more sustainable sources. At the same time, we continually seek to improve the quality of our products to increase their durability and thus reduce their environmental footprint.


For us, Sustainability is more than just a modern catchword. Our commitment is proven by the licences and certifications we have that guarantee the quality, safety and origin of our products.


Social Responsibility

The Sustainable Way goes far beyond our products. We strive to create value not only by producing high-performance fabrics, but also by being committed to protecting the environment and providing safe and fair working conditions for all our employees.

Sustainable Production

At Tectex® Performance Fabrics we consider the environmental and social aspects, side by side with the economic objectives and we work every day to optimize the use of resources in all our activities. We chose The Sustainable Way and we assume the duty to protect our planet and help reduce climate change. For this reason, we have defined actions to control and reduce the environmental impact of our activities.


By constantly monitoring the efficiency of our entire process, we have implemented plans to rationalize energy consumption and reduce our CO2 emissions. We replaced the old lamps and installed new low-consumption LED lamps, as well as motion sensors and timers in several areas of our factory. We are constantly investing in modernization of our production machines in order to optimize production times and make our equipments more energy efficient.


Water is used mainly in a closed circuit for the cooling process of production machines and then returns to a reservoir to be reused. In our production we don´t use solvents and the wastewater generated through our coating and lamination process is so minimally contaminated by chemicals that it can be fed into the normal wastewater system. Our chimneys are periodically monitored and equipped with filters to minimize gaseous emissions.


We have also implemented measures to minimize the generation of waste through production plans aimed at efficiency and ensuring that more materials used in our process are recovered and reused. When reuse is not possible, we send the waste to recycling companies so that it can be transformed and reused as a raw material for other products. Waste that cannot be recycled is sent to landfills that are monitored by the competent authorities and according to local legislation.


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