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Tectex/Foot by Foot was once again present at Heimtextil 2020 and reinforced its bet on the bed.

Sleeping never felt so good! The specialist in coated and laminated textiles launched three new products for the area of ​​mattress and pillow protection: a skin regenerator, a thermoregulator and an antibacterial and dimensional stabilizer.

After more than 20 years of experience in the coated and laminated textiles sector, Tectex / Foot by Foot reinforces its TECTEX SLEEP product line, with three new products with required finishes for mattress and pillow protectors, aimed at the hotel industry, hospital and domestic. The goal is to enhance the body’s comfort and health during sleep, adding features that provide value to common textiles. “What we are doing is proposing an article that, when it is born, does not have these characteristics. In other words, the function that we added ends up exponentially exponentiating them », explains the CEO, António Pereira, to Portugal Têxtil.

With a foot on the new decade, the company then presents the novelties in the form of three different products: the first «regenerates the skin. Then another one has the product with thermoregulation, and another antibacterial and dimensional stabilizer », revelation. “All these are coated and laminated textiles where we add even more functions: the dermatological function, in this case of hydration, the temperature regulation function, and the stability and antibacterial regulation function”, he points out.

Customer receptiveness seems to be positive, as, in the words of the CEO, they have become «very relevant, especially with the skin regenerator». It is perhaps this demand that has fueled the company’s turnover in the home textiles sector, driving growth, which, in 2019 alone, reached 13%. “Over the last five years, I would say that we have multiplied our turnover by five in this particular sector. It was an area that we were not exploring and that we are exploring now”, confesses António Pereira.

Home textiles versus clothing and footwear

However, this pace of growth does not seem to be transversal to all business areas of Foot by Foot. In addition to home textiles, which represent around 50% to 60% of total turnover, the company is also present in the clothing and apparel and footwear sectors, having ended 2019 with a turnover of 3 million euros, the which means an increase of 5.6% compared to 2018. “The growth of home textiles that is taking place in our company ends up being somewhat canceled”, admits the CEO, acknowledging that Foot by Foot is the beneficiary of a “growth greater if the other business areas followed along ».

In fact, the company has a production capacity of 10,000 meters a day, integrating the rolling process and subcontracting knitting and finishing. With an export rate of around 25%, Tectex/Foot by Foot is present in 20 European countries, including Spain, France, Belgium and Germany, and has already crossed the Atlantic to start working with the USA.

Without the beginning of 2020, António Pereira reveals that this year’s watchword will be “consolidation”. “Our main strategy is the consolidation of markets. Creating new products, as we are doing, trying to capture new customers, but mainly consolidating what we have”, he says. To this end, the company has been investing in the acquisition of knowledge, to boost its profitability, with the aim of providing the best customer service. “If the growth we have provided in home textiles – which is already happening again, with a very strong start [to 2020] – is accompanied by the other two sectors, we will have a very generous double-digit absolute certainty rate. If a retraction occurs, as is expected for footwear and apparel, we can predict a result identical to the one we have, between 5 to 7% », anticipates the CEO.

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